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Holy Chilly !! Great story - although I was indeed encouraged by your promise for some knitting content. Pretty Clapotis.

As for me, I monitored Super Bowl on-line in HK from the office (it was Monday AM here); I caught them at the 4Q where Giants were leading. Then I blinked, then they were down... I got calls from my ex-es (yes, plural!!) in NYC yelling at me to get the "f" off the screen because I am bad luck. I did. Waited patiently. Checked 10 minutes later to see that NY pulled off an upset. Not that I care about any of this, but it was eerie that I have much influence over these sporting events!!


that is an excellent story! but it was a heartbreaking game. keil and i were watching from a sports bar in portland - the guys at the table next to us were also from nyc, so they yelled for the giant, and we yelled for the packs and a good time was had by all. until that ridiculous last second business. which sounds a lot like the game last night, too - no?

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