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They must be related to my upstairs neighbors.


Why is it always the upstairs neighbors that have weird noisy habits? My upstairs neighbors in Wmsburg also vacuumed and practiced guitar at the WEIRDEST hours. 7 AM, 3 AM...why can't the downstairs neighbors ever have the weird habits, since you can't ever really HEAR the downstairs neighbors unless they're really really loud? Now that I think of it...my downstairs neighbors in Wmsburg were also really really loud, working on construction projects in the wee hours of the morning. Dang, I'm glad I don't live there any more.

Hooray for being done with papers!


You made me laugh with this one, so I added you to my bloglines.

I used to live in a basement apartment with really loud upstairs neighbours who every so often woke me up by cranking their stereo when they got home from the bar. Not ironic, but damn annoying. I now live in a cement building where I don't hear anything (well, from above, the airport across the street is another matter!)

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