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what about a postal scale? I got one for Christmas last year and it's been very useful, though I haven't yet weighed yarn. They're not terribly expensive and they're fairly accurate. Another option would be a kitchen scale. Taking all that to the Coop just seems like a lot of work.


Wow. Wow wow wow.

That's all I can say, really. Sorry I can't offer any advice--I'm completely blown away by all that yarn.


Woah. The first thing that went through my mind was, "all of that would look so cool hanging on the wall in a craft room." And, then the next through was, "she could easily take up weaving!" At no point did I ever think, "that's too much yarn!" :) Very impressive!! Enjoy it!


I once had 11 pounds of yarn shipped (thanks ebay) and I thought I was overwhelmed. I can't even imagine what I would do with that much. Although... apparently I never figured out what to do with mine either as it's still untouched.


yowza. that's completely awesome. notwithstanding that the cones would be poke-y and not all that squooshy, any pile of yarn that large still makes me want to roll around in it.
i have a non-digital food scale i'd be happy to send your way if you want something easily at hand to approximate weights with, but it comes with the caveat that it's rather inexact, so you probably don't want to use it if you're looking for specifics...


I bought a digital kitchen scale on Amazon for under 50 - just be careful to get one that measures in at least grams, not 5 gram lots.

Um - flame test for content? Electric ball winder?

Sit on the floor and build a little yarn fort?

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